Mauricio Valenzuela

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1951. Attended thirteen schools (public, private, religious, nightschools, etc.) during the 12 years of primary and secondary education. Hitchhiked his way throughout Chile from Castro on the Island of Chiloe to Arica in the North of the country.  In 1970 he began and Art and Theatre degree at the Universidad de Chile. In 1973, following the military coup, he abandoned university. Took part in the ACU (University Cultural Association) at its inception and also the AFI (Asociation of Independent Photographers). Lives in Quintero. In 1990, he carried out editorial work for magazines. Travelled to Costa Rica, the Antarctic, Chilean Atiplano, and South Africa. In 2000, he began teaching photography at the ALPES Photography School, which he continues to this day. Enjoys Tango.