ABWEG plays with the notion of aberration: the story of a social project unhinged and lost in space and time. Photographer Nicolás Wormull, Chilean raised in Sweden, decided to give his personal testimony of the strange place called Villa Baviera, a society founded in 1961 in southern Chile by a group of German settlers and led by the infamous Paul Shäfer. During his lifetime Shafer committed a vast number of atrocities. Together with other deprivations, such as the kidnapping of children, Shäfer and Villa Baviera is also remembered for its association with the torture and disappearance of people during the Pinochet dictatorship.


A few months after the death of the leader, in 2010, Wormull decided to visit Villa Baviera. With the back drop of ghostly landscapes the photographer approached the elusive inhabitants of Villa Baviera, and, discarding mainstream media’s continuous  portrayal of  the place, Wormull achieves great emotional intensity in his work.

The people he meets systematically shun contact with outsiders and communicate only in German, and Wormull manages to capture the haunting ambiance of a place forever marked by its history.


The coldness of the place, the anachronism of space and its inhabitants, the mysterious presence of invisible dogs whose barking permeates the night. Everything is reflected in this fascinating tour through one of the darkest chapters in South America’s past. In the words of writer Carlos Vergara, author of the preface, "one of those places in which the few people around don’t look up and the beauty of the landscapes melt together - sad and majestic, with an energy of both despair and lethargy. "


Wormull’s images from Villa Baviera leave you with goose bumps. This small photo book, beautifully crafted, forms a set of color images, with a look that fits uncomfortably with the reality addressed. By careful design, the book becomes a passport to these horror scenarios, a unique walk through the crime scene with the tranquility produced by the knowledge that the murderer is dead.

ISBN 978-956-351-017-1
Ediciones La Visita 2012
4-color printing, varnish coated paper
40 pages, color images
12 x 15 cm
Text: Spanish / German